About Platform

Technology Platform Association of the Czech Republic forges associates entities that want to effectively contribute to the fulfillment of the declared objectives platforms:

support innovation and increase the competitiveness of Czech companies in the field of forging,
Support activities related to research, development and introduction of technologies used for sustainable development in the field of forging,
contribute and assist in the coordination of activities between research organizations and individual producers and suppliers,
to promote, protect and promote the legitimate interests of its members in order to create a suitable environment for the application of modern technology in order to increase their competitiveness,
monitoring and evaluation activities in research, development and deployment of technologies for sustainable development in the field of forging,
creating conditions for effective collaboration and linkages between research, development and industry in the field of forging, through the initiation and implementation of scientific and technological research and commercial exploitation of scientific solutions,
supporting scientific research and development work in the field of forging,
organizing educational events, seminars and workshops,
establishing closer cooperation with existing European platforms,
promotion of industrial engineering methods – application of lean manufacturing as a tool to reduce costs.